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Patient Care Manager

Debbie is the Plastic Surgery Patient Care Manager and oversees all aspects of patient care and activities with Dr. Mariam Awada and the team at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery. Debbie has a great amount of experience with assisting you in achieving your goals, as she has been in the cosmetic surgery practice for over 12 years. Her primary goal is 100% patient satisfaction ratings and delivering a great plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure experience.

She oversees patient satisfaction in all aspects of care for all procedures including: Cosmetic Surgical procedures, Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures which include coolsculpting, Dermal Facial Fillers (Juvederm, Voluma, Restylance, Volubella), Botox, Platelet Rich Plasma/PRP, Vampire facelift, HydraFacial, laser hair removal, laser skin treatments and all aesthetic procedures and products. She is a passionate team member who takes pride in her work. Debbie always takes the extra step to communicate with all patients. She assists patient in helping with any financing support and helping individuals determine their best option.



Patient Care Coordinator, Plastic Surgery Consultant

Tracy has been a Plastic Surgery Patient Care Coordinator and Cosmetic Surgery Consultant for over 16 years. This makes Tracy one of the most experienced, in addition to being the most glamorous and beautiful. Patients love her (just as they do the other staffers) for her compassion and comforting care.

She takes an active role in all aspects of your care from listening to you, educating you about how we will achieve your goals, and coordinating what needs to be done to help you realize your dreams. Tracy will assist you with all pre-op and post-op procedures and be your go-to Plastic Surgery Assistant at all times. She works diligently with Dr. Mariam Awada and the other ladies at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery.



Patient Care Coordinator

Maria will make you feel at home and most importantly she will have a smile on your face at all times. She is also Dr. Awada’s lead Plastic Surgery Patient Care Coordinator. She has over 16 years of patient care experience in the cosmetic surgery field. Maria will help you from the start to the finish when it comes to determining your goals and how to achieve them, as well as scheduling your surgery and preparing for recovery post-procedure. She is devoted to helping you have the most wonderful experience possible.

When Maria takes you into her care, she makes all patients feel as if they are her very own family. Her playful personality will make you feel right at home with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mariam Awada and the team at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery.



Medical Assistant

Julia is a certified Medical Assistant who is very compassionate and prides herself in outstanding patient care. She has more than 10 years of plastic surgery experience and is a licensed aesthetician with primary focus on anti-aging medicine. Julia received her medical degree upon graduation from Medical University in Ukraine and worked as a general physician prior to immigrating to the U.S. She makes herself available to assist patients anytime and any day of the week as needed.

Julia is experienced in anti-aging treatments and will help you determine a personalized program to address your unique needs. She specializes in creating natural homeopathic treatments and technologies available using your own tissue and internal healing power. She will help you to naturally revive, renew and regenerate your own tissues using your own body’s natural concentrated and nutritional properties.

Her favorite treatment is Platelet Rich Plasma treatments (PRP) and Vampire Facelifts. Schedule your complimentary consultation with her to determine whether you can work to improve your health, have less wrinkles and clear healthy skin, rid yourself of stretch marks or make you hair thicker. She also provides metro Detroit area patients with microneedling techniques and services. Julia can provide you with a complimentary consultation to determine what suits your particular needs and help you achieve them. Julia will assist Dr. Mariam Awada and the staff at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery in providing you with compassionate care after surgery.



Patient Care Coordinator, Cosmetic Surgery Consultant

Jenna is a devoted Plastic Surgery Medical Assistant and Cosmetic Surgery Consultant at Dr. Mariam Awada’s office and the team at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery. Jenna has more than 5 years of experience in the medical and plastic surgery field and is one of the most compassionate people you will meet in your lifetime. She prides herself in having very educated and happy patients from start to finish. Jenna will make you feel like you’re a great patient and a great friend.

She is also a patient coordinator and loves making sure all the patients have a great experience. Her favorite part of working in cosmetic surgery is seeing the patients’ transformations in both physical beauty and a healthy confident attitude. Nothing makes Jenna, Dr. Mariam Awada, and the staff at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery happier than an ecstatic patient -  which is our goal for each and every patient we provide care!

Jenna is also the leader in providing coolsculpting consultations and is a coolsculpting treatment provider. Coolsculpting is the most advanced and only FDA proven non-surgical body sculpting and contouring procedure in the world. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with Jenna and she will help you determine what type of coolsculpting treatment is appropriate for your body and goals.



Executive Assistant

Ghadeer will always greet you with a smile whether by phone or in person. She is excellent at coordinating your appointment times and busy schedule whether it's for a new patient consult, cosmetic surgery or non-surgery procedure, laser treatment, PRP, coolsculpting, hydrafacial, or any of the other medically proven advanced treatments performed by Dr. Mariam Awada and the team at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery.

She takes away your stress by answering all your questions and addressing your needs whether it is regarding scheduling, a procedure, financing or educating you to determine what is right for you.

Ghadeer is bright and knowledgeable with over 7 years of experience. She has a very comforting disposition and is glad to assist you in any of your needs, whether you are a new or existing patient receiving cosmetic surgery and cosmetic non-surgery procedures. She does an awesome job in helping patients coordinate their schedule and also assists in multilingual for Dr. Mariam Awada and the team at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery.




Elena is one of our amazing licensed aestheticians at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery. She has an extensive familiarity in the Cosmetic Dermatology field with over 16 years experience. Her training in the ablative and non-ablative advanced Medical Aesthetic field gives her the opportunity to treat a variety of skin conditions and vascular lesions. She uses cutting-edge medical equipment in order to achieve patient goals. Elena is knowledgeable in skin care products for patients of all ages with various skin types.

She is passionate about her work and always dedicated to patient satisfaction and assisting Dr. Mariam Awada and the team at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery.

She is an aesthetician and performs many types of no-downtime laser skin treatments and facials (oxygenating, hydrating, acne and pigmentation). She also takes care of all your laser hair removal needs from head to toe. She gives European treatments and knows about many products for all skin types and skin needs. You will feel at home under her care and comfort as she assists Dr. Awada and the team at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery in providing you with a holistic rejuvenating experience. Call and schedule your complimentary skin care consultation, laser hair removal, hydrafacial, or photofacial treatment with Elaina.



Patient Care Scheduler

Nassrine is a sweet and wonderful Plastic Surgery Patient Care Scheduler to Dr. Awada and the team at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery. She assists patients in all their needs from inquires to appointments to surgery and post-op care that you'll need. Nassrine’s personality will make you feel very comfortable and at home. She makes it a point to greet you with a smile and serve as your personal Plastic Surgery Assistant.

She is very eager to answer any of your questions and educate you on all procedures both surgical and nonsurgical offered by Dr. Mariam Awada and the staff at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation where you can come meet Dr. Awada and the hardworking and dedicated team that allows her to help women look as beautiful as they feel every day!

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