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Forehead/Crows Feet

Lip Lines

Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport is One of the Leading Non-Surgical Treatments for Restoring a Youthful Appearance and Reducing Wrinkles in Your Face.

Dr. Mariam Awada offers the safe and professional administration of Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport injections from a board certified, female cosmetic surgeon who has decades of experience helping individuals look younger and more radiant

How Does Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport Work?

Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport Cosmetic relaxes the muscles in your face so they do not contract. The contraction of the muscle is what causes the visible wrinkles. Deep wrinkles are a result of that movement of the underlying facial muscles and are caused every time you smile, laugh or frown. These lines are a direct reflection of your daily routine i.e. a happy person might have deeper smile lines; a person who squints a lot might have “crow’s feet” around the eyes.

Conditions that are commonly treated by Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport:

  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Drooping Eyebrows
  • Frown Lines
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Smoker’s Lines around the Mouth
  • Platysmal Bands - "Neck Wrinkles"
  • Hyperhydrosis - Excessive Sweating under the Arms

Watch a Short Animation to Learn More About How Facial Wrinkle Procedures Work

When Should I See Results?

Once Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport Cosmetic is injected into the muscles, you may start seeing results after 2 days, although full results may not be seen for 2 full weeks. The lines may continue to improve for up to a month.

Will I Still be Able to Make Facial Expressions?

Definitely. Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport is not supposed to completely paralyze the muscles. You should still have some movement in the areas that were treated, albeit less movement so as not to continue making the wrinkles that we are trying to treat. Normal expressions will be maintained.

How Long Will Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport Last?

Results should last up to 4 months, although people with stronger, thicker muscles may need it more often than that to weaken the muscles.

Are There Side Effects of Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport?

Side effects are very rare and there are no known long term problems. There are, however, some risks involved; such as pain in the injection site, bruising, redness around the injection site, bleeding can occur at the injection site, and headaches. Most of these symptoms resolve very quickly, although bruising may last up to two weeks.

Is Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport Right for Me?

If you have any diseases that affect your nerves or muscles, if you have an allergy to Botulinum Toxin or Human Albumin, if you have any infections where the Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport will be injected, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant or if you are breast feeding or plan to breastfeed, you should not have Botox®/Xeomin/Dysport injected.

Botox®/Dysport / Xeomin

Xeomin (Merz), Botox (Allergan) and Dysport (Galderma), and are all injectable neuromodulators, meaning they can temporarily reduce wrinkles and deep linesin targeted muscles, therefore reducing or eliminating contraction-induced wrinkles in the forehead, between the crows, around the eyes. The family of neuromodulators can also greatly reduce Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, a condition that causes too much perspiration under the arms and palms of the hands.

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