Breast Asymmetry

Dr. Mariam Awada's Breast Asymmetry Before & After Photos

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Breast asymmetry occurs when one of the breasts is noticeably different form the other in terms of volume, position, or form from. 

Breast asymmetry is more common than you think and affects more than half of all women, so if this common problem effects you, you can have peace knowing that there is a customized procedure to help even out your breasts. Breasts can develop un-evenness for many reasons, for example it can be caused due to a trauma, puberty, pregnancy or hormonal changes. You breast can look bigger during your cycle due to water retention and blood flow, however, during your menstrual cycle, the breast returns to the normal look and shape. But, when your breasts do not, the good news is breast asymmetry can be easily corrected in the skilled hands of Dr. Mariam Awada and her Staff at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery.

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