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Breast Removal and Replacement with Silicone accompanied by a lift Procedure is Performed to Relieve Medical Symptoms and Enhancement your Cosmetic Appearance.

Dr. Mariam Awada, a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in all types of  Breast Enhancement procedures, has over 20 years of experience and is a expert in her field. She understand that as women age the breast loses its own natural volume and elasticity. The skin aging results in stretched tissue and the breasts sits lower on your chest. When replacing older (or ruptured) breast implants, patients also consider a breast lift for perkier breasts. A simple removal of implants may leave your breast looking saggy and deflated, with a lift you can restore the volume and lift your aging breast tissue. When you consult with Dr. Mariam Awada, she will evaluate the condition of your implants and advise you if you will need a removal and replacement with a lift, or she will make a recommendation for what she feels will best suit you and your concerns. Dr. Awada always resorts to a natural look when enhancing your breasts and decides on the size of your breasts based on your preferences and what is going to look most proportionate with your body.

If you are experiencing these problems, then a consultation for a breast removal and replacement with Silicone and a Lift will be the start to a new more fulfilled life!


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