Breast Removal & Replacement with Silicone

Dr. Mariam Awada's Breast Removal & Replacement with Silicone Before & After Photos

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Breast Remove and Replace Procedures Performed to Relieve Medical Symptoms and to Enhance Cosmetic Appearance.

Dr. Mariam Awada is board certified in plastic surgery and has been performing this procedure for 20 years and is an expert in surgical breast procedures. Removal and replacement of implants has become one of the most requested procedures that Dr. Awada gets. The procedure is completed for many reasons, including correction, cosmetic, medical, or lifestyle reasons. Women who have previously undergone breast enhancement surgery may find that the shape and feel of their implants has changed with time. When patients decide to change the size or type of their implants, they choose Dr. Mariam Awada because her goal is to enhance your appearance and achieve a youthful breast contour that is proportionate with the rest of your body.

If you are experiencing these problems, then a consultation for a breast removal and replacement with silicone procedure may be the start to a new more fulfilled life!

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