13 Factors That Determine The Perfect Breast Implant Size For You

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Many of my patients ask, “Which breast implant size is right for me?” We all know that choosing the right breast implant size for your body is crucial to the overall success of your surgery, making sure you feel confident and happy with the results. The factors below help determine the right size breast implant so we can get the perfect fit for your figure.

Will My Desired Cup Size Determine My Implant Size?

Most of my patients for breast augmentation have a general idea of what cup size they want to be. While this does provide a basic guideline for selecting implant size, it does not give a definite answer for how large or small the implants should be. Cup sizes vary greatly from one bra manufacturer to the next, and they may even vary within the same brand. You can use your cup size as a starting point, but you need to explore other factors before choosing an official size.

Can I Try On Sample Breast Implants?

Perhaps the easiest and best way to visualize how your breast implants will look on your body is to try on sample implants, also known as “sizers.” This helps you quantify how large you want to look, and it helps me identify a perfect range for your implant to give you that look. In addition, this will give you a close idea of how you will look and how your figure will be proportionate after the surgery. Most breast implants are manufactured in 25-30 ml increments, ranging from 200 ml (6 oz) in size to 600 ml (18 oz). Many patients have more breast tissue on one side than the other. Trying on sizers helps me identify and correct asymmetry so I can plan for your breast augmentation. It is not uncommon for women to need two different implant sizes because their breasts are not 100% equal. This is yet another reason why there is not a cookie cutter implant to cup size chart.

Factors That Determine Breast Implant Size

During your consultation, I take the following considerations into account in addition to trying on sizers to determine the perfect size breast implant for your breast augmentation:

  • Your Personal Desires And Goals
  • Your Concerns About Breast Implant Surgery
  • Your Desired Bra Size Goal
  • Inspiration Photos For “Ideal” Breast Sizes
  • Results Of Trying On Sizers
  • Your Chest Wall Measurements
  • Your Body Shape, Height, And Weight
  • Your Current Breast Measurements
  • Your Degree Of Breast And Chest Asymmetry
  • Your Occupation
  • Your Skin Elasticity
  • The Laxity And Size Of Your Skin Envelope
  • My Experience Doing Thousands Of Breast Implants

These 13 factors all play a role in determining the perfect size to give you a natural beautiful result. Schedule your complimentary consultation to determine the perfect breast augmentation in Michigan for you. Call 248-948-5500.

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