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Michigan cosmetic surgery is always looking for ways to make our patients experience more memorable.

Under the direction of Dr. Mariam Awada, TouchMD is designed to help you as a patient become better informed and aware of your medical experience. Michigan Cosmetic Surgery provides TouchMD to all patients so that you may revisit the experience you had in Dr. Awadas exam room. With TouchMD you will be able to explore videos about the procedure you are interested in and view some of our beautiful before and after galleries. With one click on TouchMD, you will be able to refer back to what Dr. Mariam Awada recommends. These recommendations are sent directly to you so that you can refer back to it. You are able to view and print images saved by Dr. Awada during your visit to help explain exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Also, you can learn more about Dr. Awada, her staff and our facilities.

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