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She is recognized nationally for her limited incision and scarless advanced Breast Enhancement Techniques

You don’t need a full breast augmentation to feel great about your breasts. For many women, restoring your perky breasts is all it takes to get back into a swimsuit or feel confident again. If your goals are similar, Dr. Awada can perform a breast lift to achieve the shape you’re looking for. She is proud to serve West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Southfield, and the rest of Metro-Detroit.

What Can You Expect From a Breast Lift

Breasts are sisters not twins. Therefore, when considering a breast lift procedure, Dr. Awada will work with you to understand the expected outcomes for your specific situation. Generally, breast lifts consist of reshaping breast tissue to increase firmness and improve contour. The nipple is repositioned, and the areola is reshaped to restore a youthful position and look. The removal of extra skin helps to restore firmness in the breasts.


Dr. Mariam Awada has conducted breast lift procedures using a limited incision, short scar, minimally invasive technique. Some patients qualify to have a scarless breast lift, while others may need a camouflaged incision. For a more extensive breast lift, you may need a lollipop, anchor, or Crescent incision.

Dr. Awada has performed thousands of breast lifts and has helped many Metro-Detroit women regain a youthful look. With their years of experience, she and her Southeast Michigan based staff can help you understand all options and make the right decision to meet your goals.

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Breast Lift with Silicone or Saline Implants

A breast lift alone will not typically add a lot of volume to your figure. Women looking to reshape and add size will often have an implant procedure performed alongside a breast lift. Pairing these procedures has the benefit of restoring a more youthful figure and adding a more voluptuous look. Silicon and saline implant options are available, and during your consultation, Dr. Awada will help you understand which is the best solution to meet your desired goals.

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Breast Lift with 100% Natural Fat Transfer

If you seek a fuller result to accompany your new perkier look, a natural fat transfer may be the right option for you. By using your own body fat to contour and soften your breast lift, you’ll get a fuller, softer result, not to mention the bonus of a little fat removal from someplace else. Fat transfer is a great way to get an extra enhancement from your procedure without the complications associated with a traditional silicone or saline implant. You’re going to love the results we get.

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Breast Lift Surgery Metro Detroit - Experienced Female Surgeon - breast-silicon-or-saline

Breast Augmentation with Lift FAQs

Can I have breast lift surgery while I am breastfeeding?
No. You should not undergo any breast surgery until you have stopped breastfeeding for three months. It is important to let your breast return to their natural shape and size to have a proper understanding of what needs to happen during your operation.
How long should I wait to lift heavy objects after a breast lift surgery?
We typically recommend that you do not lift anything over 5 pounds until six weeks after your surgery. Heavy lifting, reaching above the head, and moderate exercise can cause shiting and even damage to healing tissue.
Will I lose sensation in my nipples after my breast lift operation?
Typically no. Most breast lift operations leave the nerve structures connected during the procedure. Women who undergo nipple and areola relocation may experience some loss of sensation, with most of it returning after a few months.
Do I need a breast lift or breast augmentation?
Breast lifts will help restore perkiness. Breast augmentations will increase volume and fullness. Many women often choose to have both operations performed to achieve their goals. Your doctor will work with you to understand what results you are looking to see and help you make the best decision.
Will I have scars from my breast lift?
Several factors need to be considered when considering scaring from a breast lift. First and foremost is the scope of the procedure itself. While some lifts require only small, inconspicuous incisions, more complicated procedures can leave scaring under or even on the breast itself. While these scars eventually fade with time, you may have permanent scaring depending on your body’s ability to heal.
How much time should I take off from work after my breast lift surgery?
Typically you will need to take around a week off of work. If your job requires physical labor, lifting, or lots of movement, you may be unable to perform some of your duties.
Does medical insurance cover breast lift procedures?
No. Breast lifts are cosmetic procedures and are not covered by medical insurance.
How much pain can I expect during and after my breast list operation?
During the procedure, you will be placed under local or general anesthesia, so you can expect no pain. After the procedure, you can expect mild to moderate pain that can be treated with pain medication. If you experience severe pain, call your doctor immediately as this could be a sign of infection or other serious issues.

12 Important Factors That Influence the Size and Shape of Your Breast Augmentation:

  • Your personal goals
  • Your desired bra size
  • Any concerns you have about breast augmentation
  • How you feel with sizers and simulation breast enhancement
  • The overall shape, weight, and height of your body
  • Your chest wall measurements
  • The current size and shape of your breasts
  • Your degree of breast asymmetry
  • Any occupation or lifestyle considerations
  • Your skin’s elasticity and age
  • The size and structure of your skin envelope
  • Dr. Mariam Awada’s experience
  • Real Patients. Real Results.
    Thank you Dr. Awada for the amazing mommy makeover- breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new breasts and body. My self confidence is back with an hour glass shape I never had. You and your staff have been wonderful from the time I called your office, my consult, and my surgery recovery. Thank you for taking care of me, and my husband and my friends! I tell everyone how awesome you and your team are! The care you have delivered has been outstanding and the results even better! You are a God send and an artist. Thank you! Tracy J.
  • Real Patients. Real Results.
    My breast augmentation experience was 5 stars. Dr. Awada and her staff are super friendly, caring and treat you like family. The office is beautiful and a first class certified facility. Dr. Awada is top notch- she listened to my concerns and goals and took time to council me on different implants and sizes. She is the only one who even took measurements and tried sizers with me to determine what I wanted and the perfect implant. She was much more thorough and professional and made me feel very comfortable and beautiful just the way I was. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor and my results are more beautiful than I thought they could be- I love my breasts and get compliments all the time. I have referred my friends and Recommend Dr. A 110%!!! Mary T.
  • Real Patients. Real Results.
    Wow! I love my new youthful refreshed look and cute nose. Dr. Mariam tucked my sagging upper eyelids and now I look 10 years younger! I always hated my nose and would hide in pictures. She shaped my huge nose to perfectly match my face and the shape I wanted. I can't believe how natural and beautiful my nose is and it fits me perfectly. I can breathe better now as well. My confidence has improves so much and I can't thank you enough for changing my life. You are gifted and I am blessed to have your artistic eye and expert care. Your Team is awesome and I recommend you to everyone! You are the best and I am grateful for your expert help! Jackie R.
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