Correcting Breast Asymmetry With Cosmetic Surgery

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Breast asymmetry in women is common, regardless of age, ethnicity, or personal habits. Some women experience a greater level of asymmetry than others, which may make them self-conscious and unhappy with their body as a whole. If you are looking to correct breast asymmetry, there are cosmetic surgeries available to suit your needs. With the right procedure, you can improve your self-esteem and your physique at the same time.

Types Of Breast Asymmetry

The plastic surgery that you get will largely depend on the type of breast asymmetry you are experiencing. Common examples include:

  • Breast Size Asymmetry — One breast is larger than the other.
  • Nipple Asymmetry — One areola is larger than the other.
  • Breast Shape Asymmetry — The breasts have two different shapes (often the result of sagging skin after breastfeeding)

You may experience more than one form of breast asymmetry, depending on your genetic makeup, lifestyle, age, diet, medical history, etc. I work with each of my patients on an individual basis to determine which cosmetic surgeries are best suited for their needs.

How To Correct Breast Asymmetry

Breast implants, breast lifts, and other breast cosmetic surgeries can reshape your breasts and nipples so they look symmetrical and proportionate. You may be able to adjust your clothing temporarily to create the appearance of symmetric breasts, but plastic surgery will provide a more permanent and reliable result. If you feel insecure about taking off your clothing or wearing certain articles of clothing because of your breast asymmetry or breast sagging, cosmetic surgery can help re-establish the balance you had before. Your self confidence will be stronger and it will be much more fun wearing a bathing suit or a business suit.

How I Can Help You Select A Plan For Your Breasts

For over 17 years now, I have performed thousands of surgeries to help women achieve their best figures. Patients feel more confident and more proportional and balance with their body and complimented beauty through plastic surgery. This process starts with a complimentary consultation, where we meet and discuss your specific concerns. After a thorough discussion, your measurements are taken so I can understand the current shape of your breasts. Based on your goals, we make a plan together to achieve them. We also evaluate the current size and shape of your breasts and use imaging as well as trying on implants to determine what fits you the best. As a female plastic surgeon, I understand the emotions that women experience from body insecurities, and consider your specific concerns to address devising a plan. We will go over all of your options to determine which plastic surgery is best for you. Some women choose to include their breast surgery as part of a more comprehensive program. For instance, you may opt for a mommy makeover, which may include a tummy tuck, liposuction, and other surgeries that target changes in the body after pregnancy. The best approach is to discuss your specific recommendations based on your unique body and goals at the consultation. Call 248-948-5500 to schedule your complimentary consultation, and we will go over all of your options for breast augmentation in Michigan.

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