How To Dress A Pear Shape Body

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If you have a pear shape body, your goal will be to increase the appearance of your upper body so it looks proportional to your lower half. There are a number of ways to go about this, which I will describe in the fashion tips below. With the right clothing and the right accessories, you can create the appearance of a gorgeous hourglass even if you aren’t as full on the top as you are on the bottom. Here is a guide explaining how to dress a pear shape body.

What Is A Pear Shape Body?

A pear shape body is exactly what it sounds like — a body that looks like a pear. This describes women who gain most of their weight in the lower halves of their bodies. If you fall into this category, you have thick hips and thighs with narrow shoulders and a proportionally smaller bust.

Fashion Goals For Pear Body Shapes

When you decide what you want to wear, look for clothes that widen the shoulders and increase the bust size. This will give you a fuller appearance up top while slimming down your lower body.

What To Wear

Some of the best clothing for pear body shapes include:

  • Fitted tops with patterns and detailing
  • High-cut tops with wide shoulder straps
  • Halter or square necklines
  • Textured, boned, and bright colored shirts
  • Dark, fitted, solid colors on the bottom
  • Structured jackets with wide sleeves
  • Waist-length jackets, ruffled shirts, and layers to add volume to your upper half
  • Wide-leg pants and low-rise jeans
  • Wrap or empire waist dresses
  • Scarves, large necklaces, and accessories on the upper half of your body
  • Thin high-heeled shoes that elongate the legs, thinning out your lower half

Use these tips as a guideline the next time you go clothes shopping, and you will see much better results when you look in the mirror. Don’t get discouraged if the first pair of jeans or the first jacket you try on isn’t perfect. Keep trying until you build a beautiful wardrobe that perfectly accentuates your physique.

What NOT To Wear

Fashion isn’t just about finding good pieces of clothing. It’s also about learning what not to wear for your body shape. Here are some clothing types that will not suit your pear shape body:

  • Clunky shoes that shorten your legs
  • Body-hugging skirts
  • Tapered jeans
  • Bottoms with embroidery
  • High-waist pants or flashy belts
  • Jackets or shirts that crop at the widest part of your hips

Overall, the goal is to avoid clothing that makes the wide parts of your body look even wider. Focus on finding clothes that add volume to your upper half, and you will create a balanced physique that dazzles anyone passing by.

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