How Your Breasts Change With Age: Part 3

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Correcting Breast Changes With Cosmetic Surgery

At various stages in your life, you may not be thrilled with how your breasts look. You may have experienced severe breast shrinking after pregnancy or heavy breast sagging with age. Whatever the case may be, there are cosmetic surgeries available to correct breast changes and get your body back to its former glory. Let’s explore some of your options:

  • Breast Lift: Correct breast sagging and breast asymmetry by lifting your breasts to a higher profile on your body, reshaping and restoring roundness; making the areola the smaller more proportioned size; relocating the nipple upward and inward. (Before After Gallery)
  • Breast Augmentation: Restore and add volume to your breasts and fill in loose breast skin so your breasts are bigger, firmer, and fuller while still fitting naturally on your body. (Before After Gallery)
  • Breast Reduction: Remove unwanted breast fat and breast skin while lifting the breasts into their proper position and reshaping them. (Before After Gallery)
  • Combination Breast Surgeries: Women may require more than one type of cosmetic surgery to achieve the look they want for their breasts. For instance, you may require a breast augmentation with lift to make your breasts look larger and sit better on your chest. We will discuss all of these options in your complimentary consultation so you can determine what is right for you for breast augmentation in Michigan.

The Right Age To Get Breast Surgery

There is no such thing as the “right age” to get breast surgery because every woman’s body is different. However, there are some general rules of thumb to keep in mind when determine when you should get your procedure. First, you should be past the age of breast development, which may not end until your 18 or so. Since childbearing has a significant impact on the size, shape, and changes of your breasts, I suggest if your planning on childbearing in the next few years to wait until you are no longer having children before getting breast surgery. You can still safely get pregnant and breastfeed with implants, but changes in your breasts during this process may change the final result of your augmentation, reduction, or breast lift. You should be at a stable weight before getting breast surgery. Much like pregnancy, weight loss and weight gain can impact the way your breasts look and the amount of fullness and sagging that occurs. It is wise to be at your ideal body weight and get the help you need to be as healthy as possible prior to surgery. Medical weight loss may be an option, contact our office to discuss your solutions. Once you are at a healthy baseline stable weight, you can increase the likelihood that the outcome will be maintained. You are welcome to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine what degree of sagging you have, discuss your corrective options, and whether or not you are a good candidate for surgery.

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