Regenerative Medicine: Improving Your Appearance & Vitality

Regenerative Medicine - Michigan Cosmetic Surgery - regenerative-medicine-skin-care2Regenerative injections, infusions, and other similar procedures are all popular alternatives over invasive surgeries that can lead to complications and longer recovery times that interfere with your life.

Thankfully, regenerative medicine may be the right choice – no-matter whether you’re man or woman, young or old.

Due to the versatility of regenerative cells, they have a wide range of medical uses and conditions that they can help treat. Whether you’re suffering from minor skin blemishes or new symptoms that may signal a medical risk, you can benefit from a consultation with Dr. Awada and her professional staff. As a board-certified doctor, Dr. Awada leverages over 15 years of experience in regenerative medicine towards your health and cosmetic goals.

Types of Regenerative Procedures

Here are two types of regenerative procedures that Dr. Awada and her staff may recommend for you:


Primarily used as an anti-aging measure, infusion has risen in popularity because of its many benefits. For one, the stem cells used in this treatment are not collected from human embryos, but instead from after-birth tissue that will likely be disposed of anyway. Secondly, this treatment has an array of restorative properties that stem from the beneficial properties of cytokines, proteins, and other growth factors that contribute to anti-aging. Lastly, because this procedure is typically administered intravenously, the benefits are applied throughout your body.


Regenerative injections utilize plasmas and other materials that occur naturally in the body to help improve sexual performance for men and women. Whether you’re struggling with performance issues or are experiencing a low libido, or have other concerns in-between – regenerative injections may be the right solution.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Here are just a few of the medical benefits that Dr. Awada’s clients have experienced from regenerative medicine treatments:

  • Improved memory and cognitive abilities
  • More vibrant skin tone and reduced wrinkles
  • Reduced knee, shoulder, and general joint pain
  • Increased sleep quality
  • And more!
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