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How plastic surgery is benefiting men… When people talk about plastic surgery and its many benefits, from a boost in appearance to an increase in self-confidence, they’re usually referring to women. While women are predominantly customers of plastic and cosmetic surgeons, there’s a misconception out there that says all patients of plastic surgeons are women — but that’s simply not true. Dr. Mariam Awada, MD FACS, of Michigan Cosmetic Surgery, performs surgical procedures on men as well as women. And it’s happening all over the country. In fact, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), says the number of cosmetic procedures for men rose by more than 106 percent between the years of 1997 and 2012.

Why Plastic Surgery?

There are two main reasons why men seek out plastic surgery: to look good, of course, but also to stay competitive in the job market, according to Business Insider. Thus, men are getting cosmetic procedures done to help them advance their career, help them succeed, and look more youthful while doing it. If you’re a guy who wants to embrace the idea of looking as good as you feel, perhaps plastic surgery is the right choice for you.

Services for Men

Liposuction: Diet and exercise aren’t always the cure-all for a flabby stomach. You can be the healthiest eater and work out daily, but sometimes you just can’t get rid of that paunch in your abdomen. Especially as you get older, your metabolism changes so much so that your active lifestyle may still result in abdominal bulges. Liposuction can remove that excess fat and provide contouring so that you can finally achieve the flat, smooth, firm stomach you’ve been striving for. Consider liposuction to sculpt the torso and enhance your confidence. Eyelid Surgery: Technically called blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery may be necessary for those men who feel their eyelids are drooping, making them seem old and tired all the time. A relatively simple procedure performed by Dr. Awada quite frequently, you can finally be rid of the excess skin that hangs over your eyes or that puffy area on your lower eyelids. With this type of surgery, you emerge looking refreshed, well rested and alert. Skin Care: In this age of “metrosexuals” who take great care in appearing groomed and well-maintained, many men are taking skin care more seriously. After all, your face is what people see first, so why not make it look as good as it can? Dr. Awada caters to the male demographic with men’s facials, which involve:

  • Deep facial cleanse
  • Application of treatment masque under steam
  • Removal of debris from pores
  • Soothing masque to reduce sensitivity associated with daily shaving
  • Moisturizer application

Botox is another skin care regimen many men are turning to, which essentially weakens the overactive muscles between the eyebrows and around the eyes. This is an effective and minimally invasive way to reduce the deep furrows of the skin, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. Rhinoplasty: Also known as a nose job, this procedure involves alteration of the skin, bone and cartilage of the nose to result in a balanced appearance that creates harmony with the face. (Before And After Nose Surgery) So now you know: plastic surgery isn’t just for women. Men, too, can do their part to feel good about themselves and boost their appearance. Dr. Awada can help you achieve your goals. Just give us a call here at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery for a free consultation at 248-948-5500.

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