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How To Dress An Apple Shape Body

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If you have an apple shape body, your goal will be to add volume to the bottom half of your body so it matches the volume you naturally have on top. Choosing the right clothing and accessories will allow you to create the illusion of a tiny waistline and a full lower half, even if most of your weight is on the top portion of your figure. Read on to learn how to dress an apple shape body so your next shopping trip is an instant success.

What Is An Apple Shape Body?

An apple shape body describes a woman who carries most of her weight on the upper half of her body. If you fit into this category, you have broad shoulders and a large bust, with narrow hips, thighs, and legs. Actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd, best known for hosting The Newlywed Game and co-hosting The View, is a great example of a woman with a pear shape body, maintaining a large chest and a small lower half.

Fashion Goals For Apple Body Shapes

The goal for dressing an apple shape is to create the illusion of a long upper body, a smaller waist, and wider lower body. You need to add volume where your body doesn’t have it naturally, while thinning out the areas that are already curvy. The tips below explain what you should and should not wear to get the best look for your physique.

What To Wear

Some of the best clothing for apple shape bodies include:

  • Wrap sweaters and fitted tops
  • Belted jackets that enhance the waist
  • Darker solid colors on the upper body
  • Patterns and brighter colors on the lower body
  • Jeans with a flared leg
  • Pants with flaps or embroidery on the bottom to create more of a butt
  • Skirts and shorts that accentuate your legs

When you go to try on new clothing, make sure you pair voluminous bottoms with smaller tops so you can get a full picture of what your body can look like. Throw on a cute jacket with some flared pants to visualize your new hourglass figure coming to life. By putting together outfits with interchangeable pieces, you can maximize the use of your wardrobe and enjoy great results with everything you wear.

What NOT To Wear

Of course, some clothes will do the exact opposite for your body — accentuating your upper half and making you look bulky and disproportioned. We don’t want that to happen! Here are some clothing and accessories to avoid with an apple body shape:

  • Ruffled or baggy shirts
  • Tight or tapered jeans
  • Shoulder pads
  • Front-pleated pants
  • Fitted suit jackets

Test out different ways to highlight your body’s best features, and you will soon enjoy clothes shopping like never before!

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