Mommy Makeover – The Basics

Mommy makeovers are becoming more and more common in the modern world as women strive to restore their pre-pregnancy body. The procedures have proven to be safe, and they have a history of high patient satisfaction. Many women start with a healthy diet and regimen to get to their pre-pregnancy fitness and health level. Then it is evident what they can improve and what they need a little help with. A healthy diet and exercise regimen before surgery also makes it easier to maintain their fabulous figures after. This is where a mommy makeover comes in. With a few simple cosmetic surgeries, you can restore your pre-pregnancy body and get the look you’ve always wanted.

Reasons To Get A Mommy Makeover

With a mommy makeover, you can restore your pre-pregnancy figure and rebuild your confidence. You might even look better than you did before you got pregnant. Many of my patients chose to combine their breast and abdominal procedures. This helps minimize downtime, cost, and time off of work in addition to avoiding another procedure. Mommy makeover surgeries can be performed separately or as one procedure. Always clarify which parts of your body you are the most uncomfortable with and want to prioritize and address first. Most of my patients are healthy enough and appropriate to undergo both.

The Best Timing For A Mommy Makeover

Every time you get pregnant, your body starts making adjustments for the new baby. Thus it is best to hold off on getting a mommy makeover until you have had your last child. You should be finished breast feeding and fully healed from birth as well. In addition, you definitely want to have established a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Be patient and give yourself reasonable time to restore your pre-pregnancy weight and achieve your best fitness level. Be sure to get in the best shape possible and as close to your goal weight before surgery. This will get you the best result and make it easier to maintain your figure. Consider it your time to feel and be as youthful as you can recall. Be patient and kind with yourself and give enough time to get in your best shape as possible. Your downtime will vary depending on your procedure and occupation demands. Most of my patients can return to work after the first week or two. In addition to the time off, planning for help with the kids and daily household tasks is most important to getting the rest and time for recovery. Feel free to discuss this and any other questions you may have. Please contact us at 248-948-5500 to schedule your complimentary consultation so we can help you achieve your goals. Also remember Dr. Mariam Awada is one of the best female surgeons for breast augmentation in Michigan.

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