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Breast Asymmetry Surgery Procedure in Michigan

As Michigan’s leading board-certified breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Mariam Awada has helped women achieve a perfectly balanced breast size and symmetry for years. While mother nature may not have blessed you with the symmetrical breast shape or size you desire, as a patient of Dr. Awada, you can reduce breast asymmetry and finally have the look and self-confidence you have been searching for.

What Causes Breast Asymmetry?

Close up of a woman wearing pink braAsymmetry in the breasts is a prevalent condition. Roughly 50% of women have or will experience some asymmetry in their breasts, manifesting in different volumes, shapes, and positions.

Many occurrences begin during puberty and breast development. The body’s hormones often fluctuate and result in one breast developing differently, leading to more or less volume or asymmetry in shape or placement. Some women begin to notice a difference in their breast size or form after having children when their breasts start to return to their regular size. Aging also plays a role in the development of asymmetry. As a woman grows older, one breast will often change faster than the other, leaving an imbalance. While changes to your breasts are natural and will continue throughout your life, it is imperative that if you being to notice a rapid increase in disparity in a breast, you consult with a doctor to determine if you have any abnormal growths.

No matter the difference in your breasts, Dr. Awada can help you understand the cause and plan a solution to achieve your dreams. Her techniques and procedures are sought after by Michigan women looking to find balance, with or without breast implants or other types of breast augmentation surgeries. Contact her today to begin the consultation process and finally get the matching look you have always wanted in your breasts.

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“Dr. Awada took a lot of time and care in her consultation to explain my options and answer all my questions. She was kind and genuine and made me feel very comfortable.”
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Discover How Dr. Mariam Awada Can Help Boost Your Self Esteem and Make a Real Difference In Your Bodies Image & Shape?

Happy woman hugging herself Depending on several factors, from cause to severity to your goals, a breast asymmetry correction surgery can require various procedures.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Awada will first attempt to understand the root cause of why your breasts are structurally different from each other. She will examine each breast to determine its composition and other physical factors resulting in your breast asymmetry. She will discuss what problem areas you see and the results you hope to achieve with your breast procedure. Breast asymmetry can often be corrected without surgical procedures like breast implants. For many patients, their natural breast tissue is often collected from a more extensive breast and transferred to the smaller breast. If it is within the goals of the patient, a breast reduction surgery can be conducted on the larger breast, resulting in a smaller but balanced shape. Often, asymmetrical breasts may be corrected with breast lift surgery, where the support structures are altered to transfer the resting position of a breast to a matching location.

Regardless of the cause of your breast asymmetry, Dr. Awada will work closely with you to determine the best procedure you are a candidate for. As Michigan’s leader in plastic surgery techniques, she is highly respected by other surgeons in her field and will use her extensive knowledge and years of performing breast surgeries throughout your case. Contact her office in the greater Detroit area today to begin the consultation process and finally get the matching size you want in your breasts.

Breast Asymmetry Surgery Using Natural Fat Transfer to Correct a Smaller Breast

Sexy young woman with big breastDid you know that patients considering plastic surgery for breast asymmetry correction have the option to use unwanted fat from one part of their body to enlarge and reshape a smaller breast? This form of breast surgery involves a liposuction procedure, often performed on the belly, butt, or thighs.

During surgery, fat is removed from these problem areas and transferred to an underdeveloped or misshapen breast. It is a perfect breast surgery solution for patients that cannot or do not want a silicone breast augmentation procedure. Patients achieve breast symmetry results without the use of implants or other more invasive plastic surgery.

Dr. Awada is leading the industry in natural fat transfer plastic surgery for asymmetrical breast correction and is among the top surgeons in her field specializing in these services.

Contact her today to begin the consultation process and finally get the matching size you want in your breasts.

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