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Breast Lift Explained

Over time, the skin loses its elasticity, which means you may notice sagging and drooping in different parts of your body. Many women see this most acutely in their breasts. If you are dissatisfied with the shape of your breasts, we welcome you to learn more about getting a breast lift in Detroit from female board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mariam Awada at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery.

In this surgical procedure, your breast tissue is reshaped and repositioned, helping you to achieve a perkier, more youthful appearance. Additionally, breast lifts can be used to correct issues with asymmetry or with oversized nipples and areolas.


What are the Key Benefits of Getting a Breast Lift?

There are a number of other benefits you can expect from your breast lift, including:

    • Removal of excess skin and the tightening of breast tissue, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing breast contour
    • Repositioning of the nipple, ensuring a “perkier” appearance
    • Reduction in the size of the areolas, which can become enlarged over time
    • Correction of any issues with the symmetry of your breast shape

A breast lift alone will not enhance the size of your breasts. To add volume, you will need breast augmentation. Many patients have both procedures performed at once, though they can also choose to have them done separately.

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“I had breast implants in Las Vegas 7 years ago I woke up one day and my saline implant broke it was awful I looked for the best surgeons in Michigan and found her she’s amazing she did a lift and lots of reconstruction that wasn’t easy she did awesome! I recommend more then 5 stars”
-Actual Patient

Am I a Candidate to Receive a Breast Lift?

A Breast Lift is Ideal For:

  • Women who are dissatisfied with the shape of their breasts, and specifically women who feel that their breasts are too flabby or droopy
  • Women whose breasts are asymmetrical in their shape
  • Women whose areolas have become enlarged
  • Women who are in good shape overall, and do not have any underlying conditions that would prevent them from healing

It is Not So Great For:

  • Women who are looking to add volume to their breasts, rather than just change the shape and contour
  • Women who still intend to have children
  • Women who have unrealistic expectations about the breast lift procedure

If you simply want to add volume, breast augmentation is more appropriate. In addition, patients may wish to wait until they are done having babies in order to ensure their surgical results are long-lasting.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Get a Breast Lift in Detroit?

Generally, we recommend having a breast lift only after your breasts are fully developed. For some patients, this may be age 16, and for others, it may not be until they reach their mid-20s.

What are the Different Types of Breast Lift Procedures?

Breast Lift with Saline

While some patients simply need a breast lift, others benefit from combining their breast lift with breast augmentation. This allows them to not only enhance the shape and contour of their breasts, but also to increase their breast volume.

If you choose to combine your breast lift with augmentation, one of the most important decisions you will make is which type of implants to use, if any. Saline implants are made of a silicone shell but filled with sterilized saline water. These implants require smaller incisions than silicone ones, though some patients feel that they do not look or feel quite as realistic.

Breast Lift with Silicone Implants

As an alternative to saline implants, some women may choose to have their breast lift performed with the addition of silicone implants. Silicone is a synthetic material that is made to resemble human tissue. As such, many patients feel that silicone implants look and feel more natural.

Though silicone implants may be more realistic in their appearance, they also require more prominent incisions, and they can present a greater risk of rupture.

If you decide to combine your breast lift with implants, Dr. Mariam Awada will be happy to walk you through the different options and help you make an informed, confident decision.

Breast Lift with Fat Transfer

Another possibility to consider is combining your breast lift with breast augmentation using fat transfer. This method involves fat being liposuctioned from elsewhere on your body, then grafted onto the breasts. This liposuction procedure can be performed at the same time as your breast lift.

This option is ideal for women who want natural-looking results, or who may feel uncomfortable with the idea of placing foreign items into their bodies. The fat transfer option is best suited for women who want just a modest increase in the size of their breasts; more substantial changes may require the use of implants.

Breast Lift Procedure Process Explained

The Consultation

During your first appointment, you will sit down with Dr. Mariam Awada to explain your aesthetic goals. She will listen carefully and create a treatment plan that is tailored to your desired outcomes. She will also evaluate your medical standing, verifying your eligibility for surgery.

What Should I Do in Preparation?

During your initial meeting, Dr. Mariam Awada may also provide some directions to help you prepare for your surgery. In some cases, this may mean abstaining from certain medications, particularly those that can cause bleeding. We will also advise patients to refrain from using any tobacco products as they prepare for their breast lift procedure.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The time required can vary by patient, but you can expect your breast lift to take somewhere between three and four hours as a general rule of thumb.

What is the Surgery Like? Is it Painful?

As you consider having a breast lift, it is only natural to have some concerns about the surgery itself. At Michigan Cosmetic Surgery, patient comfort and safety are our top concerns. We utilize anesthesia options so that you are sedated throughout your breast lift, and do not experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure itself.

What Kind of Recovery Process Can I Expect?

Following your breast lift, you will need to allow your body some time to rest and heal. Here is a rough timeline of what you can expect during your recovery.

The First Month

You will need to plan for at least a week before resuming normal activities. You can also expect some pain for a few days, and swelling for four to six weeks.

The Second Month

After the first month, you will feel mostly back to normal, though your doctor may still recommend that you refrain from weightlifting or strenuous exercise.

Months 3-6

By this point, you will be ready to resume your normal activities and resume wearing an underwire bra if you so choose.

Months 6-12

Between months six and 12, your breasts will settle into their final position, and your swelling should subside completely, allowing you to see the full results of your breast lift.

Will I Have Scars from the Procedure?

While you will have some scarring, working with an experienced and artful plastic surgeon will help minimize your scars. These will fade with time, and within a year, may be close to invisible.

How Long Does a Breast Lift Last?

The longevity of your results can vary. Most patients are satisfied with their results for at least 10 to 15 years, but some say their results last much longer than that.

Other Things to Consider

There are several factors to keep in mind as you consider getting a breast lift. At Michigan Cosmetic Surgery, we are passionate about keeping our patients fully informed, and invite you to contact us any time you have questions or concerns about the surgery. Here are a few of the most common inquiries.

Can I Combine a Breast Lift with Breast Implants?

Absolutely. Many patients want to enhance both the size and shape of their breasts, which can be done by combining their breast lift with either implants or a fat transfer.

How Much Does a Breast Lift in Detroit Cost?

The price of a breast lift depends on the complexity of the procedure and whether it is combined with breast augmentation or other plastic surgeries. All costs associated with your breast lift will be reviewed with you as part of your consultation.

Mini Crescent Lift (Add-on): +500 per side

Peri-areolar (Doughnut) Lift (Add-on): +700 per side

Lollipop Lift (Medium) (Add-on): +1400 per side

Will Insurance Cover the Procedure?

Michigan Cosmetic Surgery does not accept insurance at all at this time.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Any time you have surgery, you expose yourself to potential risks. These risks can include complications from anesthesia, as well as infection. If you combine your breast lift with implants, you will also experience risks associated with the implants themselves. The best way to minimize risk is to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon and carefully follow all of the aftercare instructions you are given.

Mariam, Is a Breast Lift Really Worth It?

Only you can decide whether getting a breast lift is worth it. With that said, our patients are typically overwhelmingly satisfied by their results and glad they had the procedure done.

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