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Mommy Makeover Cosmetic Surgeries That Are Common

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There is no cookie-cutter mommy makeover because every woman has different needs. Your makeover will be customized to target specific issues you have with your body. In this article, we’ll explore some common mommy makeover cosmetic surgeries we perform at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery to give you a feel for your options. Note that the surgeries below may be performed individually or as a set, depending on your specific needs.

Breast Lift

A breast lift will restore your pre-pregnancy firmness, perkiness, and shape. It will also get you nipple areola complex back to position and reduce the size of the stretched areola, if you experienced that after pregnancy or nursing. A breast lift can round and even out your areolas so they match each other.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation is used to restore pre-pregnancy breast fullness, especially in upper half of the breast. In addition it reduces breast sagging and correct that deflated look that many women get over time. Augmentation can help you balance out your figure and maintain your proportion. You can do away with stuffed padded bras and look natural in your bikini and your business suit.

Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift

This is the choice of most. Most of my patients want to have cleavage and fullness in addition to improved breast shape and normalized nipple position. Some patients may have always wanted an enhancement or decide to do it now that changes are over. Most of my patients usually choose breast augmentation with a breast lift to address all of their physical concerns at one time.

Breast Reduction

Some women end up with very large and heavy breasts after pregnancy. This can cause issues with proportion and be an embarrassment for some. Most also complain that they have neck and back pain and shoulder grooving. With breast reduction surgery, your breast size is decreased to one that is proportionate to the rest of your body and chest measurements. This also takes away the weight down to the appropriate weight that your build was designed to support.


Liposuction removes unwanted focal fat deposits that are out of proportion to the rest of the body. It restores the natural shape, contour and balance to your physique. Many of my patients find their flanks (love handles) and outer and inner thigh areas gained weight during pregnancy. This is a difficult part of the body to target during weight loss. Love handles are typically genetic and hormonally driven fat deposition that does not respond to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. I encourage most women to be patient after pregnancy and always initiate a healthy lifestyle first.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck will remove excess skin on the stomach and reduce stretch marks (typically those bellow the belly button). During this process, I will repair the rectus fascia, which restores tone and strength to the abdominal wall. This is done to give you the flattest toned abdomen and restore your waistline. I frequently perform liposuction on my patients flanks/love handles along with the tummy tuck to get the ultimate waistline and feminine hourglass body. My patients are ecstatic to have the firmness restored and all the excess skin and bulging gone. Of course, you would want to be done childbearing and establish a healthy lifestyle to maintain your new figure.

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