What Is Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Like?

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If you’re unhappy with the volume and curves of your buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift could be the ideal implant-free solution for you. One important part of considering this surgery is understanding the details of the Brazilian butt lift recovery process.

How Many Days of Rest Will I Need After My BBL Procedure?

The initial stages of BBL recovery will last for around five days. During this time, you are encouraged to get plenty of rest and to walk around your home. After these first five days, you’ll be able to return to your everyday life, but with some necessary restrictions in place.

Will I Need to Wear a Compression Garment During Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery?

Compression garments are a great recovery aid that help to control unwanted swelling in the buttocks area during Brazilian butt lift recovery. Patients should expect to wear their compression garments around the clock for around a month. The only exceptions include when you’re showering.

During the second month of recovery, patients should aim to wear their compression garments for at least 12 hours a day. Most BBL recovery patients will focus on wearing their garments during the overnight hours throughout their second month of recovery.

Are There Any Sitting-Related Restrictions?

During Brazilian butt lift recovery, there are serious restrictions on sitting. Patients are encouraged to avoid sitting for longer than 10 minutes without a specialized BBL recovery pillow. This is a triangular-shaped pillow that helps to put the pressure of sitting onto your thighs.

It’s imperative that excessive pressure not be placed on the buttocks for the first six weeks while the recently transferred fat cells are re-establishing blood supply. Too much sitting could kill off those necessary fat cells and diminish the results of your surgery.

Will There Be Pain During Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery?

Most patients recovering from a BBL state that their discomfort is between mild and moderate. During the first five days post-surgery, most patients take pain medication to help soothe their pain and discomfort.

After the initial recovery period, patients may need additional pain-control medication and may utilize tools like a compression garment or BBL recovery pillow to help manage their discomfort.

How Can I Sleep If I’m a Regular Back Sleeper?

As you likely have guessed, sleeping on your back isn’t recommended in the first few weeks following your Brazilian butt lift procedure. It’s highly suggested that you sleep on your stomach to help keep pressure off of the buttocks. However, if you have difficulty sleeping in any position other than on your back, you can try to utilize a special contouring float or pillow that leaves a hole where the buttocks will land during sleep.

When Will I See My Full BBL Results?

Patients will see results immediately. However, it’s important to realize that during the first few months, swelling will be present, which can affect the appearance of the results. Patients will get to see the full results of their Brazilian butt lift surgery between three and six months after surgery.

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