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Discover your gorgeous, vibrant self by tapping into your inner beauty through Dr. Mariam Awada’s ‘The Ultimate Beauty Book’.

As women, we experience our inner beauty when we are aligned with our life’s purpose and true desire to be our whole self. When we live disconnected to our emotions, or even our bodies, we begin to feel weaker and are not able to glow the way we can when we are integrated and connected.

This book will guide you through a journey to re-experience the inherent beauty and natural state of your human being with simple tips. You will discover your motivation, naturally build your self-esteem, and boost your mood by tapping into your inner self and bringing your worth forward.

The essence of inner beauty is intrinsic and does not fade away. The Ultimate Beauty Book serves as a reminder to learn the laws of compassion, graciousness, and kindness for yourself and others in order to bring healing to the broken things within yourself – and to this world.

In today’s society, many women have been misguided and taught to strive for an unattainable perfection of their faces and/or bodies. We base our sex-appeal and our desirability on externals, which are always bound to change.

But at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery, we firmly believe that the way to break free from this mindset is to discover the sexiness that has always been inside of you! The Ultimate Beauty Book will help you discover the beauty, desirability, and the lovability that is always present – always now, and always available.

This book will remind simply remind you:Don’t let your outside reflect your inside. The more immersed you are in this unchangeable part of yourself, the more unable you will be to create a life that is a true reflection of your inherent beauty.

The Ultimate Beauty Book will have you feeling sexy, beautiful, and desirable – by not doing anything! Rather, this book will be a great un-doing. Discovering your inner beauty is more of a process that requires removing everything you are not by getting rid of the thoughts and limitations that accompany it.

From inner beauty tips and life lessons to even daily beauty best practices, this book ultimately serves as a reminder for all women that you are inherently desirable and loveable. The more you discover this, the more your outside world will shift to reflect this internal reality. Soon, you will experience the majestically beautiful person you have always been!

“As a plastic surgeon, I have found it much easier to attend to the outer beauty, but I feel that inner beauty is the source of all. If I can positively impact both, then I have truly succeeded in my journey. To those who search for beauty, I encourage you to ponder the contents of this book.”

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