Using A Mommy Makeover For Breast And Abdominal Pregnancy Changes

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Your body naturally changes during pregnancy both hormonally and physically. Many women gain weight due to the hormonal effects on eating and metabolism. The hormonal changes combine with the physical stress, which directly impacts your body. It is no surprise that physical changes are the norm after being stretched out and expanded for 9 months in your breasts and abdomen. Most post-pregnancy women do not end up with the flat abs and perky breasts that they had before pregnancy. With the help of a mommy makeover, you can restore the look of your body after all of the changes it goes through during pregnancy.

Abdominal Changes During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your abdomen stretches to accommodate room for the beautiful baby. When it stretches out it does not have elasticity to recoil and remains stretched similar to your months of pregnancy. For example, a women’s abdomen fascia (rectus fascia) is what encases your ab muscles. In order to restore pre-pregnancy state and flat abs, the excess skin needs to be removed and the abdomen fascia re-tightened and reconstructed. Your abdominal wall will be returned to its supportive tone.

Breast Changes During Pregnancy

During you pregnancy, your breast grow in volume to allow for milk production. When this happens gradually and is a constant stretch for a period of nine months, your elasticity is frequently lost and things don’t return to baseline. This similarly happens to a woman’s breast as it prepares for lactation. Some women see the drastic changes in their end of pregnancy and during breast feeding. Initially your breasts enlarge in proportion to your body. At the end of pregnancy and the beginning of breast feeding they tend to become disproportionately large and engorged. After the skin gets stretched to a larger size and the point of no return, the skin elastic fibers break. In severe cases this is seen as stretchmarks. When lactation ends, the breast tissue stops producing and storing milk and shrinks and becomes lax typically returns to its original size. The skin however, does not return to its original size. Some patients have severe stretch marks as well. You should always defer any cosmetic surgery procedure until you’re done breast feeding for at least 6 months or when your breast tissue no longer has milk in the ducts and you have returned to your baseline. You should also definitely be completed with child bearing since you don’t want to have the same body changes happen again. Contact our mommy makeover office at 248-948-5500 to discuss the different ways we can help you get your pre-pregnancy body back and see why we excel at breast augmentation in Michigan.

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