What To Do Before Your Breast Augmentation To Prepare For A Comfortable Recovery

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It is typical for a lot of thought and care to go into your decision to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. However, once you’ve made the decision to undergo a breast augmentation, there are several things you can do ahead of time to prepare for your recovery. We recommend the following, in order to help your be as comfortable as possible while you recover from surgery.

Set Up Your Recovery Station

When immediately returning home after your procedure, you will likely feel a bit groggy and sore. So it’s a good idea before your breast augmentation appointment to have everything you may need ready to go wherever you’ll be recovering. Be sure your bed has plenty of pillows, as we recommend you staying upright at a 45-degree angle as much as possible during recovery. If you plan on resting in bed, set up your nightstand with things like bottled water (you may experience dry mouth), tissues, antibacterial wipes, the television remote control, your cell phone and charger, lip balm, magazines or anything else that you might provide comfort. Also, once you are home, be sure your medication is within reach, as well. This way, you can limit how often you need to get up out of bed. And finally, be sure to stock your freezer with plenty of ice packs, as you’ll need these during your recovery.

Plan Your Meals

It’s likely that the last you will feel like doing while recovering is cooking meals. If you only have to worry about yourself, this is a bit easier. But if you have a family and are responsible for their meals, too, you’ll also need to plan ahead for them. You may want to prepare nourishing meals and freeze them ahead of time so that you can simply heat up food quickly. Also, stock your freezer with plenty of healthy, microwaveable meals and be sure to have bottled water available, as well as easy, ready-to-eat snacks like yogurt, fruit and vegetables. (It never hurts to have a few menus for food delivery nearby, in case you’re in a pinch!) Further, you may experience constipation from the anesthesia and pain medication, so it is a good idea to have foods on hand that encourage bowel movements, like canned peaches, prunes, beans, berries and high-fiber cereal.

Have Your Clothes Ready

Something as simple as getting dressed in the days following your breast augmentation should be carefully considered. Since you’ll be sore and wrapped in bandages after your procedure, you’ll want to wear a top that zips or buttons up on the day of surgery for easy removal afterwards. Also, have several days’ worth of comfortable clothes ready at home so that you won’t have to think too much about what to put on in the upcoming week.

Have People On Call

While you may not have, or necessarily need, a caretaker the entire duration of your recovery, it is a good idea to have someone on standby in case you need something, particularly during the first week following your procedure. Of course, you’ll need someone to drive you to and from our office the day of surgery, however, having your spouse, significant other or a trusted friend or family member filled in on your recovery process — and able to help — is ideal. Simple things like taking out the garbage, walking the dog or taking care of children will be difficult the first several days up to the first week of recovery. So please plan accordingly.

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