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Dr. Mariam Awada is a leading expert in breast enhancement, having performed thousands of procedures for women in Metro-Detroit, including breast augmentation with silicone, saline, and natural fat transfers. She and her Southfield-based team can help you achieve the size and shape breasts you want with her incredible breast augmentation techniques. There are several options for breast reshaping and contouring, and Dr. Mariam Awada can help you determine the best strategy to meet your body goals.

Silicone Breast Implants

If you are looking to achieve a fuller and more shapely look without sacrificing feel, silicone implants may be the solution. Many women say that the gel-filled implant better mimics the natural feel and consistency of breast tissue. Silicone implants have been said to look more natural and are very effective for women who do not have a lot of breast tissue. Silicone implants come in various shapes and sizes, including “gummy bear” implants that provided a more natural slope to the breast.

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Saline Breast Implants

While saline breast implants’ look and feel are different from silicone, they have some notable advantages. Insertion options for saline implants are far greater than silicone. Incisions can be made in the nipple, arm, or even the belly button to hide scarring. Although rare, if a rupture of a saline implant occurs, the sterilized saltwater solution will be absorbed naturally into the body, reducing health risks. One disadvantage to saline implants is that they tend to look more natural when inserted into a breast with a lot of tissue. Smaller breasted women may notice some rippling under the skin. Having performed thousands of saline implant procedures, the Southfield-based Dr. Mariam Awada and her team will help you understand the pros and cons when choosing your implant option and making the right decision.

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Natural Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement

If you are looking for completely natural breast enhancement, having a fat transfer breast augmentation may be the right option for you. During this procedure, fat is taken from other body areas and transferred to your breasts, adding volume. Fat transfers have three advantages over silicone and saline implants. First, you get a bonus of reshaping problematic areas of your body like your butt or stomach. Second, there is no risk of implant rupture. Third, scaring from a natural fat transfer is typically unnoticeable. One limitation of fat transfer breast enhancement is its inability to provide a massive increase in volume. If you are looking to add a cup size, it can be a great option. If you are looking for a more substantial increase in size, Dr. Mariam Awada can help you understand the likely outcomes of a fat transfer to decide if it will deliver the results you seek.

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Breast Augmentation FAQs

Will breast augmentation increase my risk of breast cancer?
Women who receive breast augmentation do not have an increased risk of breast cancer. Breast implants also do not prevent the detection of cancer. If you develop breast cancer at some point, your implants will not affect your chance of recovery.
Am I too old for the surgery?
Women in their fourties and fifities routenly experience succussful breast augmentation surgeries. Your doctor can go into more detail regarding your personal goals and the results you can expect.
Should I wait until I am done having children to have augmentation?
We recommend that a woman waits six months after breast augmentation before a pregnancy. It should be noted that pregnancy will change the shape and size of breasts regardless of an implant’s presence.
Will augmentation work for me if I feel my breasts are sagging?
While an implant will help to add volume to a breast, you may require a mastopexy or breast lift to add perkiness. The procedure ofter involves the replacement of the nipple and removal of excess skin.
How do I choose my new size?
“Cup size” is often the wrong metric to use when discussing your new breasts’ ideal size. Each body is different, making it difficult to give specifics on the final result of an augmentation. When discussing your procedure with your doctor, it is important to talk about what your personal goals are.
How much does surgery cost?
The cost of breast augmentation can vary depending on your goals. Some women seek to add not only volume but restore perkiness as well, requiring a breast lift.
Will my nipple sensation or feeling change?
Most sensation loss after a breast enhancement will return to normal after 6-12 months. However, some women will experience some permanent sensation loss. Consult with your doctor about these concerns for more information.
How long until I can exercise?
Exercising and strenuous activity should be paused for at least six weeks after your surgery. Not doing so adds a risk of implants shifting. Walking and other very low-intensity activities are permitted. Upper arm movements, like reaching, should be avoided for the first 1-2 weeks. Lifting anything heavier than 5 pounds should be avoided for six weeks after the operation.
When can I return to work?
If your position requires physical movement, such as lifting or reaching, it could mean that you cannot perform these activities for up to six weeks. Consult your doctor to understand better the specific limitations you can expect.
How much pain can I expect?
You can expect moderate pain after your procedure. The pain is typically manageable with medication. However, severe pain is a sign of infection and needs to be addressed immediately.
When can I drive?
Driving and other upper-body movements should be restrained for at least one week after surgery to prevent implant shift.
Will the new implants affect my physical functioning? Can I lift heavy objects?
After the recovery phase, women will typically not experience a change to their physical mobility or ability to lift objects. Although, lifting any object heavier than five pounds should be avoided for six weeks.
Can I breastfeed after my augmentation?
Yes. Placement of the implant below the breast tissue, as in sub-glandular placement, does not affect the breast’s ability to produce milk. Similarly, submuscular placement or implant placement below one of the chest muscles preserves proper breast functioning. With the peri-areolar incision, an increased risk of breastfeeding problems may exist. In one study, 7/8 patients reported difficulties with breastfeeding following peri-areolar breast augmentation surgery. For women who choose the infra-mammary or trans-axillary incision (incisions under the breast and through the armpit), breastfeeding is usually not a problem. Be sure to discuss your breastfeeding needs with your surgeon during your consultation.
Will I need additional surgeries?
Additional surgeries may be required for augmentation patients. A breast lift may be necessary to add additional perkiness. Other surgeries may be needed if you face any complications during your augmentation, like implant rupture or capsular contracture. Also, breast implants will age, just like any other body part. Some women choose to have additional operations to correct the results of gravity and aging in the future. During your consultation, you and your surgeon should discuss other procedures after or in conjunction with breast augmentation.

12 Important Factors That Influence the Size and Shape of Your Breast Augmentation:

  • Your personal goals
  • Your desired bra size
  • Any concerns you have about breast augmentation
  • How you feel with sizers and simulation breast enhancement
  • The overall shape, weight, and height of your body
  • Your chest wall measurements
  • The current size and shape of your breasts
  • Your degree of breast asymmetry
  • Any occupation or lifestyle considerations
  • Your skin’s elasticity and age
  • The size and structure of your skin envelope
  • Dr. Mariam Awada’s experience
  • Real Patients. Real Results.
    Thank you Dr. Awada for the amazing mommy makeover- breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new breasts and body. My self confidence is back with an hour glass shape I never had. You and your staff have been wonderful from the time I called your office, my consult, and my surgery recovery. Thank you for taking care of me, and my husband and my friends! I tell everyone how awesome you and your team are! The care you have delivered has been outstanding and the results even better! You are a God send and an artist. Thank you! Tracy J.
  • Real Patients. Real Results.
    My breast augmentation experience was 5 stars. Dr. Awada and her staff are super friendly, caring and treat you like family. The office is beautiful and a first class certified facility. Dr. Awada is top notch- she listened to my concerns and goals and took time to council me on different implants and sizes. She is the only one who even took measurements and tried sizers with me to determine what I wanted and the perfect implant. She was much more thorough and professional and made me feel very comfortable and beautiful just the way I was. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor and my results are more beautiful than I thought they could be- I love my breasts and get compliments all the time. I have referred my friends and Recommend Dr. A 110%!!! Mary T.
  • Real Patients. Real Results.
    Wow! I love my new youthful refreshed look and cute nose. Dr. Mariam tucked my sagging upper eyelids and now I look 10 years younger! I always hated my nose and would hide in pictures. She shaped my huge nose to perfectly match my face and the shape I wanted. I can't believe how natural and beautiful my nose is and it fits me perfectly. I can breathe better now as well. My confidence has improves so much and I can't thank you enough for changing my life. You are gifted and I am blessed to have your artistic eye and expert care. Your Team is awesome and I recommend you to everyone! You are the best and I am grateful for your expert help! Jackie R.
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