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Fuller, Natural Looking Breasts by Dr. Awada

Dr. Awada can help you achieve you the size and shape breasts you want with her incredible breast augmentation techniques.  There are several options for breast reshaping and contouring.  Dr. Awada is available to discuss your goals as a female cosmetic surgeon who understands the importance of loving your own body.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Metro Detroit Michigan

Dr. Awada Specializes in Breast and Body Sculpting Using Your Own Natural Fat, Also Known as Liposculpture.

You will love your new look- proportionate with an hourglass shape.  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Awada uses the latest technologies in fat-harvesting and fat-transfer to enhance your breasts and other areas you aim to enhance.  She also sculpts your body with High Definition 4-Dimensional Liposculpture techniques.

Are You Looking for a 100% Natural Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Mariam Awada and the awesome staff at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery will help you achieve beautiful results.  When performing a breast fat transfer, Dr. Awada begins sculpting your body by first removing unwanted body fat from the area or areas you choose. She then transfers your fat to enhance the area(s) you desire.

Fat can be transferred to many areas, but most patients choose to enhance their:

  • Cheeks
  • Lower eyelids
  • Lips
  • Smile lines
  • Face
  • Buttocks
  • Cellulite areas of thighs
  • Cellulite areas of buttocks

Experience Gentle Treatment with a Woman’s Touch

Dr. Awada employs gentle maneuvers to harvest and enhance the gathering of fat during the fat graft.  Her minimally invasive fat harvesting and injecting techniques enhance fat survival.  Dr. Awada’s meticulous and careful handling of the tissues are less stressful on the body and provide optimal harvest, take(fat survival), volume retention, and outcomes through the procedure.  Dr. Awada performs this procedure as an outpatient as the fat is harvested through undetectable tiny incisions.  Plus, you get the awesome double benefit of getting rid of unwanted fat areas with liposuction. This procedure is performed under twilight as needed.

Get Natural-Looking and Natural-Feeling Results!

Dr. Awada’s artistic eye and experience sculpting the face, breast, and body helps to deliver beautiful, natural results.  For optimal results, Dr. Awada performs 4-Dimensional High Definition Liposculpture.  She uses gentle handling of the tissues and modification of body shadows and crevices to shape and sculpt the area being treated.  She uses advanced techniques to deposit the fat and sculpt the tissues of your body to enhance your shape and features.  The result is beautiful looking, all-natural feeling, and shapely symmetric breasts.

Breast Augmentation with Silicone Surgery 

Breast Augmentations are Designed to Enhance the Natural Curves of Your Body and Boost Your Confidence.

Being the leading cosmetic surgical procedure in America since 2006, breast augmentations with implants have been, and continue to be, a safe and affordable option for women like you who are struggling with their breast size.  Whether you have lost breast volume after pregnancy, or you are simply unhappy with the size of your breasts, natural-looking breast augmentation from Dr. Mariam Awada, Michigan’s Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, will provide you the natural contour you’ll absolutely love!

See Dr. Awada's Statement on Textured Implants.

Most Women Prefer Breast Enhancement From a Female Plastic Surgeon!

A recent study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that 93.7% of all cosmetic procedures are performed on women, yet there is only a small handful of female plastic surgeons in the U.S.  At Michigan Cosmetic Surgery in Southfield, Michigan, your breast augmentation doctor is Dr. Mariam Awada, a female plastic surgeon offering breast enhancement, breast augmentation, breast lifts, and breast reduction surgeries.

Dr. Mariam Awada has performed thousands of breast augmentation procedures using both saline and silicone implants.  She trains other plastic surgeons on how to perform her minimally invasive advanced breast augmentation techniques.  Her patients love their beautiful breasts and the new self-confidence they have been looking for after having their breast augmentation procedure.  Dr. Mariam Awada is able to offer her patients a highly cohesive breast augmentation using brands like Inspira and Gummy Bear alike. 

Watch a Quick, Informative Animation to Learn More About How the Breast Augmentation with Implants Procedure Works

Dr. Awada understands the pressures that you may face in society, and she knows the emotional struggles every woman goes through with their body.  She will personally work with you to find a solution for your physical goals so you can quickly and easily achieve your amazing new look, all while feeling comfortable with a female plastic surgeon.

Are Breast Implants Right for Me?

Every woman has different needs and goals when it comes to breast augmentation.  Many women, in Michigan and worldwide, experience some form of breast asymmetry, which can alter the breast implant sizes needed to balance out the body.  During your consultation, Dr. Mariam Awada or one of our patient care coordinators will carefully assess the current shape, size, and structure of your breasts to determine which breast implants size and type will best match your body and individual needs.

12 important factors that influence the size and shape of your breast augmentation:

  1. Your personal goals
  2. Your desired bra size
  3. Any concerns you have about breast augmentation
  4. How you feel after trying on sizers (simulation breast  enhancement)
  5. The overall shape, weight, and height of your body
  6. Your chest wall measurements
  7. The current size and shape of your breasts
  8. Your degree of breast asymmetry
  9. Any occupation or lifestyle considerations
  10. Your skin’s elasticity and age
  11. The size and structure of your skin envelope
  12. Dr. Mariam Awada’s experience

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Fat Breast Enhancements

Can I remove existing implants and replace them with my own fat?

Yes, Dr. Awada can help you replace your old implants with your own fat tissue.  Dr. Awada has helped hundreds of women remove their old implants and replace them with their own body fat.  Some patients choose to have new implants plus fat grafting to get the size they want and the natural feel and look with their own fat on top.

Is it possible for Dr. Awada to remove my hard implants and replace them with my own soft fat? I had breast implants put in several years ago and I'm not happy with the results.  They look OK but are hard and unnatural feeling balls.

Yes, Dr. Awada can help you feel better about the look and feel of your breasts.  She will remove your scar tissue, and your hardened implant then replace it with your own soft fat.  Your fat can be obtained (harvested) from your abdomen, hips, thighs, or all the above - depending on the shape you want and the areas you want contoured with liposuction.

What is the recovery like?

You can expect a rapid 24-hour recovery for breast augmentation with or without fat/implants. Your recovery is minimal discomfort and limited recovery time since the same incision is used to remove your implant. Whether you use your fat or both implants and your fat, your recovery can be as fast as 24 hours, just like the breast augmentations with implants.

Can Dr. Awada get rid of rippling and wrinkling of the implant so my breasts feel and look more natural? I love my breast augmentation, but I now have a rippling and wrinkling that you can see and feel because I am so thin.

Absolutely. You are much like other women since most women were very small-chested before getting a breast augmentation. This is one of the most common reasons Dr. Awada’s patients come to her to improve the look and get rid of rippling. Also, they just don’t want to feel the implant. Breast implants often feel and look fake for women with flat chests. Dr. Awada can simply camouflage your implant with your own fat. The good thing is that you get to keep the implants which give you a lot more volume then fat alone. And you get your soft fat placed over the implant, so you feel your fat and look very natural even if you keep the implant in.

Can I keep my implants and just add fat on top to minimize rippling and wrinkling?

Definitely! That is the best approach for women who want to be very big but don’t want to have more than one surgery. Dr. Awada will add fat and contour your breast, so the fat lies over the implant and helps minimize the feel and look of the implant edges. Some women just want to add fat on top of the implant at the areas where rippling and wrinkling are felt or seen.

Can I take out the implant and use my fat only?

A few patients want breast implants completely removed and replaced with breast fat graft only. Depending on the size you want will determine if this can be done all in one or requires more than one fat transfer. It really depends on what you're starting with and how big you want to be. Just have Dr. Awada examine you and discuss what options are best to fit your goals.

If my skin has stretched with children, can I still get a breast fat transfer?

Absolutely. This actually sometimes makes you a better candidate and easier for breast fat transfer procedure.

Can I use fat transfer for a breast lift?

Yes! Sometimes you don’t need the scars from a breast lift and just need to add volume. Some patients just need fat refilled in their deflated breasts after pregnancy and weight loss. The fat will refill the volume of your loose breast skin and plump it back up. This typically improves and may correct and fill up the sagging. Other women need a little bit of both.

How big are the incisions used for fat grafting?

The fat grafting does not require any cutting. Dr. Awada strategically places undetectable infiltration points less than a few millimeters. You typically do not have bruising or swelling. Dr. Awada performs this surgery under local anesthesia with twilight IV sedation.

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Since there are many decisions to make about your breast reshaping, it is best to schedule plenty of time for your consultation so we can educate you and help you achieve your goals. Contact us today and start on the path towards loving your body!  Dr. Mariam Awada provides many cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts, neck lifts, eyelid surgery, and nose surgery.

*Complimentary consultations with a Patient Coordinator. 

$75 consultation fee with Dr. Mariam Awada can be applied to your surgery or procedure.

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Patients throughout Michigan visit Dr. Awada for a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. With a centrally located office in Southfield, the office is a quick drive from Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, and the entire Metro Detroit region. 

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  • Real Patients. Real Results.
    It’s great to know that there are doctors and nurses that actually have a great bedside manner, and the breast augmentation itself is wonderful. I feel much better about the way I look! Family and friends keep telling me how nice I look and I’m finally able to fill out a shirt the way that I want!* Jessica M.
  • Real Patients. Real Results.
    The staff is friendly and helpful. The office is beautiful. The entire surgery experience was safe and sterile. She makes you feel as if you are her only patient. She truly wants the best for you and will do whatever it takes to get you the results you desire. She instantly has a vision when she meets you, and she runs with it. Couldn’t have asked for a better doctor or experience. Recommend 100% Kahla S.
  • Real Patients. Real Results.
    I've been getting injections to help with my eyes for a few months now. My girlfriend goes here as well, and she gets injections. The staff is always super friendly and professional to us when we come in. We love how clean the office is too. Mark W.
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Meet Dr. Mariam Awada, MD, FACS

A presidential scholar, a board-certified plastic surgeon, an educator, and most importantly, she is a friend to all her patients.

Dr. Mariam Awada has a genuine concern for every patient and the cosmetic results she delivers to them. Her patients are moved by her individualized attention and compassion and are comforted by her shared female perspective. Her natural results and ability to establish meaningful relationships with her patients have contributed to the success of her practice, all of which has been based on patient and physician referrals. With her artistic eye and comprehensive training, both her surgical and non-surgical procedures surpass patient expectations.

Meet Dr. AwadaSee Dr. Awada's Statement on Textured Implants

You’re One Step Closer to a Beautiful, More Confident You!
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