Before seeing Dr. Awada I had a consultation with another doctor and it went horribly. He rushed through it and ended up telling me I could only get a very small implant, due to lack of breast tissue . My experience with Dr. Awada was completely different! She knew exactly what she was talking about and took a lot of time explaining the differences between my breasts and what we needed to do to get the results I wanted. She could tell that my breastmilk had come in differently and that my son had a favorite side. My fiancé and I were very very impressed with how detailed and nitpicky she was. Before our consultation my fiancé was still nervous about the procedure, after we left he said he wished he was a woman so he could have her do his breasts. The procedure itself went very smoothly everybody is very nice and made sure I was comfortable. I have had plenty of postop appointments and Dr. Awada is always very nice and makes sure she answers all my questions and concerns. I am three months postop and unfortunately my areolas stretched way more than we expected. But Dr. Awada said she will take care of it and fix it once they are done healing. It’s not her fault they stretched but yet she is still willing to fix them and make them better. Then as an added bonus, today when I went in for my postop appointment she gave me a facial for my birthday that’s coming up. I will always recommend Dr. Awada and will definitely be back if I decide to have any other procedures. She knows what she is doing, is so nice herself, has an amazing staff, and I’m so happy I found her! Less